Christmas Term – 8th November

Dear Voices,

It’s great to be singing Besame Mucho again and how wonderful it was that you remembered it so well. We will finish it in the next session (8th Nov).

Also next session we will start You don’t know what love is, which I will shorten to YDKWLI to save all that typing! This song occasionally splits the Sop, Alto and Tenor parts into 2 sections for a few bars, so be prepared when you listen to the teach tracks as you will hear 2 notes now and then.

For the music readers amongst you, the score is now on DropBox.

We will finish the evening with the Taize I planned last session. Get used to singing these words:

Confi-temini Domino, quo-ni-am bonus. Confit-emini Domino, alleluia.

See you on the 8th

Jon x

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