Christmas Term – 15th November

Dear Voices,

I hope you enjoyed singing through You don’t know what love is as much as I enjoyed teaching it, it’s a great song and a true earworm.

Last week we learned Verse 1, Chorus 1 and the Break. This week we will learn Verse 2 where the tune now moves to the Alto line, so we all have new notes to learn. This time it’s the Tenors that split for a few bars. Chorus 2 is the same as Chorus 1. After we’ve learned that we’ve pretty much got the whole song, we just need to learn how to put it all together.

We also finished Besame Mucho so we will run through it again this week just to solidify it.

As this is the Christmas term we will start (re)learning some carols (which I’m sure we all LOVE). No doubt we will sing these to our friends and family at the end of term. This week we will learn Joy to the World.

We will end the evening with the Harmonic Temple Om Arkaya Namaha which is a healing chant channeling power from the sun. If you would like a little healing this week then come into the centre once it is going to receive the energy.

See you on the 15th November

Jon x

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