Christmas Term – 29th November

Dear Voices,

Our end-of-term ‘Friends and Family’ celebration is fast approaching. More details about this will be published in a later post.

The plan is to sing about 30 minutes of songs we learned this term to our guests, which equates to around 8 or 9 songs. We have sung through 12 songs this term so not all of them will make it onto the setlist. I’m sorry if your favourite isn’t there.

We have very little time to get them all performance ready so we will start rehearsing the setlist at our next session. If a song needs too much work then it won’t be included. I suggest you start brushing up on the songs especially if there’s one you definitely want to sing on our final night.

One other thing I would like is for volunteers to introduce some of the songs, like we have done in the past. It only needs to be a few interesting facts about the song which you can get from google or just make up! You did a fantastic job of this in past gigs we did together.

This is the proposed setlist.

Ole Le Loila
O So Seo
Let the circle be wide
Besame Mucho
Saving All My Love
Life on Mars

We will also sing some carols that our guests can join in with.

Joy To The World
Ding Dong
Silent Night
HYAMLC (needs lots of work!)

Maybe end the evening on a “Good where we’ve been”

Lots to get through….. so much for having an easy term!

See you on the 29th November

Jon x

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