Humble admission of fallibility to all Altos everywhere

A Humble post for the Altos.

I have just gone through Verse Two of Cloudbusting with a fine toothcomb and YES there are two missing “Dm dm’s” AFTER “see them coming” . I am so sorry.

You can see that I have added them now to your alto lyric sheet (I have put them in bold at the top of the second column).

Do have a sing along with the teaching track with the lyrics before next time so it all makes sense to you….the important thing is to try and learn and memerise it as a musical line, rather than reading each “dm”  which lowers “processing”.

If you do this then all you need to remember really are words “See them coming” and “to be a threat to the men in power” and everything else will fall into place and you can then lift your heads and smile.

Enjoy half term! See you soon,

Jeremy x

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