Sundays running order, a map and Arpa D’or learning files link

Well done last for last night.

We are truly all good to go for our concert on Sunday.

Here is as promised is a link to the map of the site  . The vnue for the concert is marked on the map as “Main Hall” (it’s in the Oatley Hall Building).


I will be in the main car park for a while from about 1.30 guiding you to the correct entrance! If all else fails, go round to the main entrance of Oatley House, ring the bell, speak to the porters and they will buzz you in.

The running order is at the bottom of this post so you can get your parts in order before Sunday. NB  I have removed Bristol Ho! To keep the concert run swift at 50 minutes.


Arpa D’or parts:


Actually the parts (for everyone:  SATB) of the Arpa D’or section are all there in Drop box and have been for a while.

In any event (as you know I am fallible) they are now and henceforth thoroughly there for you to enjoy and check in with if you are unsure of this section



Running order for Sunday:


May the Road

Spring Fever

Unison in Harmony



Space Man


Oh who may o’er the downs

I shall not be moved

Snow Falls

You don’t know what Love is


Shiny Happy People

Adio Querida

Ave Verum Corpus

Va Pensiero

Parting Glass


See most of you on Sunday then!! Can’t wait!

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