Wednesday 19th March : AGM and last rehearsal of term

Dear All,

Just to say how incredibly sorry I am about the concert mess up on Sunday. It was so shocking to be told at midday that day that the tumour had come back. It left me a mess to be honest and not in a fit state to drive let alone run a rehearsal and a concert.

It is so frustrating as all I want to be doing is making music…. but I have to be honest that it looks like very like the next few months I will be out of action again.

Grrr. I am so sorry for this too.

Anyway on a day to day level I feel fine and am no more sick than I was last Wedensday so looking forward to hopefully seeing most of you tomorrow evening for a run through of all the stuff we have worked on this past term.

Jim has kindly offered to use his machine to record us nicely so it will be truly a lovely opportunity to run through the concert repertoire after all and to get a recording of it that we can all enjoy.  So please bring your music/lyrics along and we will try running the concert in the order we intended for the gig.

If you have friends and family who would like to enjoy us do bring them along too!

Looking forward to seeing you many of you tomorrow evening,

Much love,


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