Rehearsal this Wednesday 10th April

Dear All,


Hope you had a wonderful holiday . I am so looking forward to seeing you all on this coming Wednesday evening.


In the next two sessions we will mostly be keeping the repertoire warm for our St. Monica’s concert 20th March (Saturday week).


However I am going to add Mercy Mercy to our programme and remove May the Road as we will no longer be performing on St. Patricks Day.


Also going to (re-) introduce another old (old) favourite “ “Let the River Run” so we are doing something fun and fresh.

(We probably won’t have this piece ready for the St. Monica’s performance though)


I’m also determined to create between us a simpler way to end Shiny Happy People as that final chorus is just an unnecessary head banger for everyone.



So this week’s running order will be:


Mercy Mercy

Let the river run

Va Pensiero ( reiview the harmony bits to the end)

Shiny Happy People (simple ending and practicing that weird key change)

Spring Fever



Snow Falls

You don’t know what Love is

Parting Glass


See you there!


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