Hi from Sam!

Hi Bristol Voices! This is Sam Burns, writing to you because as I think Jeremy has told you, I’ll be keeping his seat warm for the final 11 rehearsals of this school year, from May 1 through to July 17. Despite the unfortunate circumstances behind this caretakership, I’m immensely looking forward to meeting you & sharing some repertoire.

There are no concerts scheduled during our time together & therefore no pressure to bring anything to performance level, so my general plan is to introduce you to as many interesting new tunes as I can, then leave you & Jeremy to decide what he wants to take forward in the next school year.

I know that choirs generally dislike change, so I will try to keep everything as similar as possible to Jeremy’s way of working. Together, I’m sure we will manage just fine.

In case you’re interested, here’s the tunes I’ve selected for you. (I doubt we’ll have time to do all of them, but at least we’re sure that we’ll have enough!)

Traveller’s Prayer (My transcription of John Renbourne’s version)

Fairly easy 3-part, but iconic & unusual. Interestingly mixed Christian/Pagan provenance.


Tsmidao Gmerto (Georgia)

Fairly easy 3-part, but highly effective


Il Est Bel & Bon

This one sounds tricky (& is definitely not completely simple!) but the ranges are very reasonable & it actually works v. well even if taken at half the speed which some attempt it!


The Farewell Shanty Utterly simple & super quick learn. (Basically a warm up).

But also a keeper, simply coz any farewell to seafarers is inherently poignant.

It usually closes any decent shanty session worthy of the name…


Greensleeves A fairly quick learn (sorry about the rough recording, don’t let it put you off!)


The Long Day Closes Fairly involved, due to its length. But worth the trouble, I think!


Motherless Child

Despite a few challenges, I think it would make a nice contrast to the other options.


Enjoy! …& see you on the 1st of May….

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