Congrats & First Homework!

Congrats & First Homework!

Hi everyone, & congratulations on a splendid concert!

As I was being entertained I reflected on how incisively choirs reflect on their leader, & by the end of the concert was in no doubt at all that while your rehearsals are relaxed & fun with much laughter, Jeremy also holds you to high standards & offers the support you need to achieve them by the barrowload. Above all, the sense of unity that you exude as a group speaks volumes! 🙂

I’m sure the onstage acoustic was fairly challenging with no wall to your backs, but I would reassure you that the audience acoustic was lovely where I was sitting. It was a fine selection of material with a well blended sound (nice vowels, people!), & finally, may I congratulate you on your rhythmic work. Choirs singing pop music can SO easily be cringeworthy, but you made it seem light & natural. You were very in time, of course, but more importantly the choir danced!

Physically, in a charmingly modest & uncontrived way, which is both lovely to watch & to my mind, weird if absent. But most importantly, you made the music dance.

The voice is naturally adapted to flowing lines. Collective grooving is usually one of the hardest tricks to pull off, but you seemed to be unaware of this…. …..Please always remain so! 😀

As a quick reward may I offer you one of my favourite examples of the voice as a ‘beat engine’:

….There’s a whole multiverse of rabbit holes to follow from that link if you like it! 🙂

Plan for this Weds

Say Hello! I have ordered some stickers so we can all write names on ourselves, which will hopefully delivered in time. (Not that I’ll remember any of them by the week after, but hey… 😉

Then we’ll do some sort of warm-up roughly as Jeremy does, then we’ll get to work!

As I said in my last post I have a potential 7 tunes lined up for our 11 weeks together, but no fixed plan as to how many we will tackle. For this first week I would like to suggest 3, although again, we might just stick with one, if we’re enjoying the process. We’ll play it by ear, anyway ….Drumroll!

Travellers Prayer (probably just the opening, but who knows)

Tsmidao Gmerto (probably just the opening, if at all, but who knows)

The Farewell Shanty (maybe not at all, maybe all the way through! N.B. The resources I have given you are designed for a male voice ensemble, so we will doubtless change the key, so I have only included the ensemble audio. Have a listen & sing along by all means, but don’t worry if something feels off/you find it hard to read the notes. -The song is inherently incredibly simple & we will basically wing it in rehearsal, possibly even as the end to our warm up…..). ….It’ll be fine. Promise.

The resources for all the above should now be in dropbox.

Let me know if that is not the case! (Via the committee, I guess…)

The quality of the audio is wildly variable (can’t even remember where some of it came from!), & not really up to the standard that you’re used to, but I’m sure we’ll get by!

Jeremy has very kindly given me a list of tunes you might like to revise in the latter part of the rehearsal for every one of the 11 rehearsals. For this 1st week he suggested:

Ave Verum


Having just enjoyed such a polished performance, when we get to these tunes I basically expect you to entertain me but will attempt to keep in time & pretend I’m actually leading……

See you Weds!


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