Dear Singers,

that was some gig yesterday! Well done to you all, you were really on it and groovy throughout: the audeince had a thoroughly good time and you coped realy well with a tricky accoustic!

I wonder if anyone took a picture of me conducting “Snow Falls” with Tara under my arm, (“The snow falls….the dog howls…the year turns round again…”)  I don’t expect that conjunction of circumstances will happen again so it would be great if anyone had a picture or video of that moment to share and I can put it in my scrapbook!

Looking forward to geting this op done now and finally being able to get back to full health… happy to be leaving you in Sam’s very capable and inspiring hands,

I promised an old friend, Su Hart of Baka Beyond,  to let you know about the gig of her wonderful and eclectic acapella Vocal Trio ” My Secret Sister” in Bath on 10th May.

Flyer attached


Also attaching a little video promoting the piece I created for the Brighton Early Music Festival last October called “The Whispering Dome”:


Enjoy the term ahead and I’ll be in touch soon,






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