Change to the website password

The committee will soon be introducing a new security system to the website’s members’ area whereby each member will need their own account and password in order to access the song files.

We will let you know in advance when this change will take place. Each member will then have to log in to the website and create their own personal password. We will let you have instructions for this when the time comes.

If you leave the choir your account will be removed and if you then rejoin you will have to create a new account.

Updating contact information

In order proceed with this we also need to update the contact information we have for each choir member so we have the following on file:

• Your name

• Your email address

• Your mobile number

• Your emergency contact name

• and their mobile number

We already have this information for the majority of members but there are a few gaps so I will be contacting some of you shortly in order to complete the list.


Rob Mackay

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