Week 3 of 11, May 15, 2024

Week 3 of 11, May 15, 2024

Good job tonight people,


Focus on vowels again. We will repeat this next week but in a condensed form.

(More new repertoire to tackle so much shorter warm-ups from now on, if that’s ok!)

Tsmidao Gmerto

We learned the last 2 lines thus completing the note bashing phase & talked about how best to fake the long seamless phrases (if you can’t actually breather all the way), & rigorously applied our vowel work, of course.

Traveller’s Prayer

We got right through the bit that we planned (the ‘duet section’ between letter ‘B’ & ‘C’).

I wouldn’t say that all the notes are completely solid, but good progress made, & most importantly I think you are becoming credible storytellers!

…Whether you can become worthy of a tale such as this remains to be seen! 😉

We fun-sang: (95% successfully, I would say)

>You don’t know what love is

>One day like this


& finished once again with our improvised harmony version of the Farewell Shanty, but with the thrilling addition of a passionate & committed solo from Stuart! (Thanks Stu 😉

…I would have been equally delighted to have a timid & blushing soloist. It would be great if others dared having a go at a single line like that… …Let’s see what happens next week!

Other things:

We agreed that we needed a smaller circle!

-Let’s all try & remember as the chairs are coming out next time.

Next Week (last rehearsal of term 5, before we have one week holidays)

A change of rhythm!

V. short revision of the vowels as a warm-up followed by the introduction of 2 new tunes, namely:
Mother less Child (We will start at letter ‘B’ & hope to get to letter ‘D’). Basses! -This is your time!

Greensleeves (We will start at letter ‘E’, & learn as much of that final chorus as we can in all parts).

We will (probably v. briefly) revise the work we did this week on both Tsmidao & Traveller’s Prayer.

I am very aware that this will finish the term with 4 tunes just begun & nothing anywhere near finished & perhaps more questions in your heads than answers, so to speak!

But I refer you back to this evenings analogy… -that I would like us to finish our time together by presenting a lovely platter of half-cooked garlic breads that Jeremy can then finish in whatever way he wants…

-My goal in the remaining 8 weeks we have together is to germinate as many of the potential 7 seeds I have lined up as possible which is why number 3 & 4 hit the soil next week! 🙂

We will finish by singing through:

May the Road

Va Pensiero (Although we might skip this, if I choose to spend extra time learning the new stuff)!

(& Farewell Shanty, again 😉

I was going to finish by repeating the text version of the vowel workshop that I posted last week, but actually, I reckon it makes more sense to make it into a separate post that you can refer back to at any time.

So I’m going to post this now, plus the above.

Happy homeworking & see you next week! 🙂


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