BV session this Wedensday 28th

hallo dear people ,

3 more rehearsals before gig so we need to work together swiftly on Wedensday

We will cover:

Amohela dinposaro na

Cloudbusting : verse 2 to the end (please sopranos particularly listen to your part)  and everyone have a listen to the OUTRO.

Snow falls (Check your individual choirs parts)

Shiny Happy People…joins between the sections

Parting Glass

Spring Fever


For those who want, there will be updated word sheets showing the last chorus of Shiny Happy People, available from tomorrow (Tuesday ) evening  (I will share another post with a link there for you all)



See you on Wedensday!


As promised here is the intended:

Repertoire for St.Monicas (not in order)




Bristol Ho!




May the Road


Oh who may o’er the downs


Ave Verum corpus


Va pensiero


I shall not be moved




Snow falls


Shiny Happy people


Adio Querida


Space Man


Unison in Harmony


Oh who will o’er the downs so free

This weeks rehearsal : Weds 21st February

Hope you had a lovely half term break.

this half term we will be getting ready for a concert at St. Monicas.

i’ll give you the full repertoire for this next week.

However this week we will look at:


Amohela Dimpo Tsarona (the continued adventures of…)

Shiny Happy People (ending…with advanced maths for the tenors)

The Snow Falls

Cloudbusting Verse 2  to the end



Humble admission of fallibility to all Altos everywhere

A Humble post for the Altos.

I have just gone through Verse Two of Cloudbusting with a fine toothcomb and YES there are two missing “Dm dm’s” AFTER “see them coming” . I am so sorry.

You can see that I have added them now to your alto lyric sheet (I have put them in bold at the top of the second column).

Do have a sing along with the teaching track with the lyrics before next time so it all makes sense to you….the important thing is to try and learn and memerise it as a musical line, rather than reading each “dm”  which lowers “processing”.

If you do this then all you need to remember really are words “See them coming” and “to be a threat to the men in power” and everything else will fall into place and you can then lift your heads and smile.

Enjoy half term! See you soon,

Jeremy x