Bristol Voices session 4: 26th January

Well done last night! Lovely to hear you singing so heartily…. so tricky with the masks, thank you for persevering : you are total troopers for pulling together to make such a sublime noise!

 Well done too for taking the time to start putting Two meters from trouble together: let’s have the satisfaction of getting through verse 2 (very similar but check the words) and the chorus  next time.

 Here is the running order for next week:


 Warm up

 May the Road

 Two meters from trouble: verse 2 and chorus

 Walking on my own: verse 2  and “Falcon section”

 I shall not be moved (if time)

BV session this Weds 19th January

Hi dear singers,

So for this week let’s try both some old favorites and some songs we first learned during our zoom rehearsal days!

Please check your parts in “I shall not be moved” and “Two meters from trouble”.

Also we will recap May the Road so might be worth just checking you know the parts here too.

See you on Wednesday!

Running order


Two metres from trouble (Just Verse 1 : not Chorus 1 )

Walking on my own “And I could be a falcon” section and verse 2.

I shall not be moved

May the Road




BV rehearsal Wednesday 12th January

Hallo everyone. Well done on all fronts last week. Was great to see so many of you there and to welcome our new singers.

This week we will carry on learning Walking on my own and revisit some old favorites.

We’ll also have a first look at Lift the catch, we’ll jump right in on the “All that is necessary section” at 1’45”.

Just go to the BV Dropbox to find the folder with the pieces in. they areall in alphabetical order.

See you on Wedensday!


Running order

Warm up

Bristol Ho!

Adio Querida

Lift the catch ; “All that is necessary” section

Walking on my own Verse 1 and Chorus 1

The storm is passing over

May the Road


PS Altos and Tenors i have updated your lines in the final section of “Walking on my own” as promised. There is also a new mix of the whole track with all parts.  It sounds pretty nice nowso put those headphes on sit back and relax: let your ears do the walking!